Smart Cruze Max V3

Mark introduce the new range of color sorters Smart Cruze Max V3, developed with our painstaking experience in color sorting field the technological advancement and of course with the ideas from the millers.

Majority of the components are sourced form the worlds best of its kind ensuring that the components are built to give best possible performance and proven the smart jett uses high speed camera and high speed ejector valve to give quality sorting performance and minimum products loss.


Smart Cruze Max V3


Smart Cruze Max V3 comes with highly efficient electronic vibrator which means the vibrator allows the throughput to be varied by both electronically and mechanically. The constant flow of product ensures that the sorting is optimal.


Steel panels are assembled into a compact and stable frame structure. The frames are so study that it avoids passage of any vibration to the CCD electronic components. Also side covers are provides which prefects from dust. The design of the frames allows the users to clean easily and quickly.


Smart Cruze Max V3 comes with 28 channels chute with 6.0 mm width each. This ensures accuracy during very high sorting by scientifically allowing the matching of length and inclination with smooth abrasion resistant surface. The line-up of grains up from the view point till ejection point will ne uniform.

Ejection System

Every Smart Cruze Max V3 comes with highly durable and reliable fastest solenoid vales. Also very highly efficient ejection nozzles for rejecting products with high precision and minimum compressed air consumption. LED band displays the ejection status of each channel in a real time basis. Smart Cruze Max V3 is also equipped with filter regulator and condense discharge unit. The shape of the channels and pitch is been provided according to the dimensions of your products. Wide flat chutes are also available.

Grain Analysis

The grain passing through the inspection area is very closely scanned by the camera for any impurity. The grains are divided by vertical and horizontal lines and each individual sector is considered. The output quality and the sorting accuracy can be set by you according to your product preferences.

2048 Pixel CCD Camera

2048 pixel CCD Cameras are already been adopted by majority of color sorters worldwide due to its superior performance in grain color sorting purpose. We are the first and only Indian color sorter manufacturer to adopt this camera technology and offering at competitive price. The camera and our own signal processing algorithm combined identifies the smallest color differences and dots.

 Model Cruze Max V3 - 224 Cruze Max V3 - 252 Cruze Max V3 - 280
Short Grain (Ton/hr) 4.5 5.25 6.0
Long Grain (Ton/hr) 3.0 3.3 3.6
Power Requirement (KVA) 5 5 5
AIR (CFM) 70 80 90
Dimension LxWxH (Inches) 102 x 51 x 71 102 x 51 x 71 102 x 51 x 71
Note: Contamination 0.5%

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