Smart Giant - RX

Mark introduce the new range of color sorters Smart Giant - RX, developed with our painstaking experience in color sorting field the technological advancement and of course with the ideas from the millers.

Majority of the components are sourced form the worlds best of its kind ensuring that the components are built to give best possible performance and proven the smart jett uses high speed camera and high speed ejector valve to give quality sorting performance and minimum products loss.


5000x2 Pixel BI-Chromatic CCD Color Camera Double Side

5000x2 Pixel BI - Chromatic CCD Color camera Double sides are already been adopted by majority of color sorters worldwide due to its superior performance in grain color sorting purpose. We are the first and only Indian color sorter manufacturer to adopt this camera technology and offering at competitive price. The camera and our signal processing algorithm combined identified the smallest color differences and dots.

High Performance Chutes

Sorting accuracy depends up on formation of rice or grains which passes through ejection point with smooth flow is vital points of sorting quality Smart Giant RX Fix fitted with hardened. natural polished and seasoned alloy chute deliver the great performance 40 Channels chute each 4.2mm channel,width ideal for smooth flow of normal grain varieties.

LCD Touch Screen Interface

Operating the Smart Giant RX is made easy with clear bright TFT LCD Touch Screen Interface Module. The Touch Screen Menus has been designed for ease and simplicity of use. Fewer and simple steps of menus and parameters make the machine to suit for the variety products and give the user desired level of performance

1 MS Ejector Valves

We valve your products. Every good grain ejected will reduce your profit. Minimizing the ejection duration for every signal pin-point the impurity grain only and the good grain waste is reduced SMART GIANT RX is the first Indian color sorter to use the 1 mill second fast switching ejector valves operates up to 1000 ejections per second.

Model giant rx 560 giant rx 520 giant rx 480
Short Grain (ton / hr) 9-10 8-9 7-8
Long Grain (ton / hr) 8-9 7-8 6-7
Power Requirements (KVA) 12 12 12
Compressed Air Requirements (CFM) 156 152 148
Dimension Width x Depth x Height 129" x 51" x 71" 129" x 51" x 71" 129" x 51" x 71"
Note : Contaminations 0.5%

The Smart Giant - RX Advanced Design Features Includes

  • "MARK" domestically first initiated CCD duel color sensor technology 5000x2 pixel, realizes discolored area less then 0.02mm, applicable for different beans and nuts sorting solutions
  • Advance optical sorting system with specially made high speed ejector and high speed vision control arithmetic and communication protocal secures high sorting index
  • Wide channel for material input, configured with high speed digital processing technology system assemblization and sorting Is highly perfected
  • Based on touch screen operation manual the operation interface is more human friendly
  • Adoption of high sensitivity and special compurization system of defects material can be removed, perfect sorting performance is secured
  • Single Sorting remove different color materials
  • Multicolor Sorting Automatic background changing facility based on input commodity setting. 15 Programs presets for variety of products
  • LED Optional

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